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We are a digital marketing agency focusing on illuminating brand's future through balancing between sophistication and simplicity.

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Going Digital…!!

“Find a perfect balance between ‘smart’ and ‘hard’ work”
This core belief is what makes the foundation for WooHoo Screens LLP.

WooHoo is a digital out-of-home advertising media. The customers can opt for selective locations and duration, based on their budgets and business requirements. The turn-around time for campaigns to go live, is just few minutes, with our centrally located & managed screens. We enable communication in various forms, including videos, images, slide shows or combinations of the above-mentioned formats. We provide a bouquet of whole city audience to our advertisers; therefore, we cover local malls, multiplexes, commercial complexes, restaurants along with other high footfall areas.


  1. 170+ SCREENS in 5 cities
    • 145 indoor and 5 outdoor screens in Surat, covering 70+ high footfall locations of the city
    • 14 outdoor screens in Ahmedabad
    • 2 in Rajkot
    • 2 in Morbi
    • 1 in Vadodara
  2. WooHoo is the platform delivering ads to 3+ crore people on a daily basis.
  3. 500+ customers – out of which 30% are repeat customers.
  4. 25+ hardworking and smart working professionals.
  5. Client Segments: Finance & Automobile segment, along with other areas including FMCG, Retail, Real Estate, Jewellery, Corporate Multi Nationals along with Educational Institutes.

What we do?
We do not want to just place screens and run video ads, we want to enable our customers with a platform to have video as their strong and powerful story telling medium. Along with their ads running, we have on ground WooHoo jockeys to ensure physical and tangible engagement for the brands. Dynamic and real time campaign updates, frequent ad updates during campaign period, campaign performance tracking through analytics, advertising space in tier II cities, video content communication, geo tagging, geo fencing and artificial intelligence enabled communication along with being cost effective and eco-friendly, are some areas our brand has been aggressively addressing. We are only focused on providing digital OOH space, and this enables us to put all our efforts and technology in a focused direction.

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